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The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benajmin Hardy 
The High Achievers Guide to Happiness, Confidence and Success 

This book is a masterclass in positive psychology and anyone who knows me knows I react better to the carrot then the stick!  It has one simple concept concentrate on "The Gain" far you have come as opposed to "The Gap" of where you ideally want to get to. Dan Sullivan runs a high net worth strategic coaching business working with multi millionaire clients coaching them in their business and lives. He has discovered no matter how rich the client a lot of them focus on The Gap in their lives and not what they have achieved.  The 'happiest' clients focus on The Gains, both personal and professional measuring their current  self v  their former self.  
We can't be in The Gain 100% of the time but a simple tool Dan Sullivan uses everyday is this: Think of 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day and 3 things you would like to achieve tomorrow.  (these can be small steps in a much larger goal). I listened to this book on Audible and I found the interviews with Dan Sullivan probably the most beneficial piece.  It's a simple concept - view everything in 'The Gain' and spend this time just before you go to sleep to complete this little exercise.  

"Your future growth and progress are now based in your understanding about the difference between the two  ways in which you can measure yourself: against an ideal, which puts you in what I call 'the Gap', and  against your starting point, which puts you in 'the Gain', appreciating all that you've accomplished."  DAN SULLIVAN 

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As a Food & Bev Marketing Specialist I hopped on to The Food People Online Trends Summit yesterday (24th November 2020) and was brought through TFP forecast influencing trends for food for 2021.

TFP (The Food People) is an excellent resource for all Food Manufacturing companies who need to understand the changing macro trends influencing consumers and unlocking future consumer needs across all food categories.

The TFP Top Trends Forecast for 2021 is opposite but a  not to be missed webinar is between Charles Banks, co-owner of TFP and Michael Hunter Founder of Meatless Farm.

Michael Hunter, Founder of Meatless Farm providing Plant based options to major UK & US retailers and food service companies confirmed to me just how Plant is not a silo trend but is now impacting and distrupting nearly all food categories from meat, dairy, frozen and bakery. 

Some of the key points I took out from the Plant webinar:

  • Technology & Ingredient Innovation are key to driving Plant forward.
  • Pester power by young adults is driving double digit growth into the Plant category.
  • 1/3 of meat eating people are looking for more plant based foods.
  • 70% of consumers want clearer labels understanding the impact on the environment
  • Packaging compostable solutions are a requirement for consumers moving forward.
  • Education around Plant – Seed to Shelf is its infancy.
  • Plant products are only beginning their journey.  Challenge still exists to mimic the texture of meat better.
  • Plant cross category placement is on a journey but eventually will sit side by side with generic categories  as Gluten Free bread is now a mainstay in Bread aisle.
It's 35 mins but well worth the watch. Link below

If you would like more specific advice around Food Trends for your category please feel free to give me a call on 086 026 7673.

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Please everyone check out if you truly want to see an authentic, purposeful, ethical, profitable, sustainable business in action.

The Why:  A World Without Waste

The How: Using surplus bread to replace virgin barley.

The What:   Great Planet-Saving Beer!

In the head wrecking blurry land we live in right now of zzzzzzzoom meetings, webinars and all other energy sucking online activities I got a wonderful respite today on a truly fascinating webinar on  on how toastale began. Toastale purposeful business with a kickass marketing strategy and playful execution.   

Why did I decide to set up anobleway?  

I set up my business in the middle of a pandemic when all our lives, businesses and careers have been turned inside out because of Covid 19.

To answer that question I need to leverage a little of Simon Sinek's genius.  In his ground breaking book "Start with the Why".  Sinek asserts for a business to be successful, not just in the €€€ terms, it has to have a purpose, belief, cause to resonate with us.  People need to be able to connect with it on an emotional level and that connection needs to be authentic.   He argues your business does not succeed because of "what you make/do?" or "how you make/do something" but "Why you do it".  "People don't buy what you do, they buy Why you do it".  

Why did you decide to set up your business?   

For a business to thrive, slip the field, to be unique and grab the emotional purse strings of consumers it starts with the "Why". 

My Why for setting up a is simple.  

My Why is to support, connect, harness, comfort, challenge, coach and inspire confidence in people to make better business choices and take appropriate action based on a deep understanding on what makes them tick.  

How I can help is through creating and harnessing toolkits and processes that will ask the right questions to unlock what really makes your business stand out as different and how we can drive growth.  

And the What to do?  will flow from that!  

Below is a snippet of Simon Sinek in action..just 2.30" inspired!.