"A Different Way to Be"
1:1 Coaching Programme

1:1 Coaching to unlock a 'different way to be' for you.
Is it time to take a different road?
Explore other possibilities?

This life coaching programme takes a holistic approach to your whole life: career, home life, relationships etc and clarify what's important to you moving forward and how you are going to get there, faster.

Whether you are suffering career fatigue or took early retirement or simply looking for a different way to be we will unlock your passions and create an action plan for you to move forward. 


Working with Louise was like a sweet breath of fresh air. I met her at a time in my life when I was really struggling with my career path and whether to continue living in the city or move to the countryside.
Through our work together, I learned that it doesn’t need to be either/or, a simple shift in perspective one milimetre to the right or to the left is sometimes all that is needed.  In our sessions, Louise and I dug through and unearthed my values and dreams and brought them into the light of day. From here our work together unfolded and I was always very grateful for Louise’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout this process. Her emails after each session felt like an added bonus, the ray of sunshine that kept things blooming until we met again. Eibhlin, Ireland


"Having taken a career break and completed a post grad course, I was unsure of the next steps to take. Louise really helped me to clarify my goals and created a pathway to getting back to being focussed and having a plan for the next phase of my career.
Specifically, Louise helped me to identify my core strengths and values and to align my career goals accordingly.
She helped me take a pragmatic approach to job search, starting with my CV and breaking tasks down into more manageable, measurable steps.

Louise's positivity and practical guidance helped boost my confidence and enabled me to take action to re-enter the workforce with renewed hope and positivity.   I found Louise to be an engaging and effective coach."

Sinead, Dublin, Ireland

Quarterly Planner

Why A Quarterly Planner?

As a coach I have discovered it takes 3/4 sessions, approximately three months for the client to make the shift from inactivity to action. This Quarterly Planner gives you exactly three months to accomplish your goal. 

Whether the goal is a large or a small one the success of this change is due to diligent, persistent and consistent small steps towards that goal.
Anobleway Quarterly Planner will support you to focus on planning, designing, creating, executing and evaluating your goal in small incremental bursts of activity. 

Anobleway Quarterly Planner is:
  • Less daunting then planning your whole year at once!.
  • It allows you to focus, create and complete a goal in a short specific timeframe.
  • It captures your mood on a weekly basis so you can reflect on energy v action levels.
  • It allows you to "pivot" from a specific goal to another quickly.
  • This high quality, slim, lightweight planner allows you to have it at hand at all times.
  • You can allocate multiple planners to specific goals eg: anobleway planner for Personal Health Goals or anobleway planner for a specific business/professional goals.

Complimentary Call

Contact me below to set up a complimentary discovery call to sense check how I can help you move forward and take action.

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