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I am passionate about supporting  businesses and individuals who want to make changes that drive incremental growth in their businesses/careers and unlock that magic that made you start your business or specialise in your career in the first place.  


Louise Noble 

I am Louise Noble and I have spent my career within Blue Chip Companies and Innovative Start ups with specific sectoral experience within Advertising, Marketing, Education, Communications, Property and the Food and Beverage Industries.

Fresh Thinking, Creative Solutions turned around swiftly

Providing a high level of marketing experience and expertise. Anobleway is a safe pair of hands when businesses need specific projects delivered in a tight timeframe. 

If your business is expanding and you need to get there faster - let's have a chat.  My client base includes: Bord Bia, Bushmills, Utrac, Supervalu,  Dwellings Developments Limited.


As a certified Executive and Personal Life Coach and a seasoned Marketeer I can help you figure out your next steps whether it is pivoting your Business Model or a change of career/life direction.

Anobleway Business Services 
Fresh Thinking, Evidence Based Sharp Insight, Clarity


Bushmills Consultancy Project 

"Louise came in to the business and immediately slotted into the ultra fast pace of Proximo Marketing.  By nature she works at a fast pace but her experience of the industry and her excellent relationship management meant in no time she was on top of her brief.  I hired Louise to manage and deliver key marketing projects in Ireland and to anchor the day to day running and processes of the Irish Marketing business.  Both the Bushmills 'Causeway Collection' and the Kraken brand at the  'All Together Festival' were very successful and that was a large part down to Louise and her style of working. She does exactly what she says she will do. Anobleway is set up to deliver to clients marketing solutions in a short sharp burst adding value and getting objectives achieved.  A big thank you for all your hard work and I wish you the best for the future'.  Scott Nicholls 

Consultancy Projects 

"Louise has the ability to take large chunks of data and information and swiftly turnaround and deliver robust sharp insights unlocking emerging trends for further exploration.

We have used her skills across multiple categories. She has an ability to get underneath what drives a category, its challenges and unlock potential new opportunities.
Her work is meticulous, fast paced and she delivers often within very short timeframes."
F. O'Shaughnessy


Consultancy Project 


Coaching Testimonials

"I contacted Louise because I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the demands of my business.  I was also thinking about a need to move in a different direction in the future.  Through my consultation with Louise she not only helped me achieve clarity in my existing business but also helped me put in place a plan and structure for my new business.  I was impressed with Louise's work ethic, the tools she used to help me become aware of my strengths and areas I needed to improve on.  I was really taken by her fountain of knowledge which she shared so generously. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise as a Life Coach and I can see myself continuing to avail of her services in the future." 
Angela, Kerry, Ireland

"I have been working with Louise for a few weeks now and it has been nothing short of enlightening. She has a wonderful manner and has this rare gift of being able to cut through the periphery and get straight to the heart of things. Her insightful and empathetic nature make for a perfect coach. You feel like you are really being 'seen' by Louise and her wonderful cheerleader quality is so motivating. If you are at any sort of crossroads or need a hand in moving in a new direction, Louise is your woman!. She'll help find that music inside you and give you the confidence to share it with the world!.

Sarah, Dublin, Ireland

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